Who Are Damien And Tracy Semien? Marcus Semien Parents

Professional baseball player Marcus Semien is proud to have parents like Damien Semien and Tracy White. Even though they separated when he was young, they were always there for him while he grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. Marcus got interested in baseball because his dad loved the game. Damien played different sports in high school, like baseball, football, and track. Who Are Damien And Tracy Semien? Marcus Semien Parents.

Although Damien played college football, his favorite sport was baseball. Luckily, Marcus chose baseball as well and made a career out of it.

Both Damien and Tracy often go to their son’s games and are proud of what he has achieved so far.

When Marcus was about six years old, his father, Damien, remembers going to pick him up from his mother’s house across the bay from San Francisco on weekends. Even after 25 years and 160 home runs in the major leagues, Damien still vividly remembers seeing Marcus lying in bed with his baseball glove as a pillow.

“When I saw that, I knew Marcus was falling in love with baseball,” Damien said in an interview. “So I decided to let him learn to love the game on his own. Once he truly loved baseball, I knew there was no turning back. He lived and breathed baseball and played on all the El Cerrito Youth Baseball All-Star teams.”

Who Are Damien And Tracy Semien? Marcus Semien Parents

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Marcus Semien’s Parents

Marcus Semien was born in San Francisco, California on September 17, 1990. His parents, Damien Semien and Tracy White, attended the University of California, Berkeley and started dating when they were sophomores. Marcus was born out of wedlock. Tracy White has another daughter named Chynna Williams, but there is no information about her biological father.

Damien Semien played football for the California Golden Bears until 1993 and graduated in 1994. He started working at a juvenile hall in California. Tracy White started working at an insurance company and currently works at EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants.

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Marcus lived with his mom’s family in El Cerrito and was mostly taken care of by his grandmother, Carol Philips, as both his parents were busy working. His dad, Damien, often visited him and took him to watch matches and practice ball every weekend. Tracy was happy that Marcus showed interest in baseball from a young age. Now that he has made it to the MLB, both Tracy and Damien are proud of their son.

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