Who Is Nicole McClain? Brock Lesnar Daughter Mya Lesnar Mother

Who Is Nicole McClain? Brock Lesnar Daughter Mya Lesnar Mother: Wiki, Net Worth

Nicole McClain is a woman who gained fame because of her relationship with former WWE wrestler Brock Lesnar. She is the mother of his daughter, Mya Lynn Lesnar. In this article, we will uncover who Nicole McClain is, her early life and background, her relationships, her marriage to Brock Lesnar, her daughter Mya Lynn Lesnar, her career and achievements, her personal life and social media, her net worth, and her love life.

Who is Nicole McClain?

Nicole McClain is the ex-wife of former WWE wrestler and current UFC fighter, Brock Lesnar. Although not much is known about her, she has gained fame because of her relationship with Lesnar.

Nicole McClain’s Early Life and Background

Nicole McClain was born on January 5, 1977, in the United States. Her family background and early life have not been disclosed publicly.

Nicole McClain’s Relationships

Not much is known about Nicole McClain’s relationships before her marriage to Brock Lesnar. Her private life has been kept under wraps, and she has not shared information about her past relationships with the public.

Nicole McClain’s Marriage to Brock Lesnar

Nicole McClain married Brock Lesnar in 2006. She had previously been in a relationship with Lesnar while he was still under contract with the WWE. Lesnar and McClain’s marriage was short-lived, and they divorced in 2008.


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Nicole McClain’s Daughter – Mya Lynn Lesnar

Nicole McClain and Brock Lesnar have a daughter named Mya Lynn Lesnar, who was born on April 10, 1997. Mya is an athlete like her father and has followed in his footsteps in the world of sports. She is a volleyball player and currently attends Arizona State University, where she is a member of the university’s volleyball team.

Nicole McClain’s Career and Achievements

Nicole McClain’s career is not as widely known as her personal life. She has kept her professional life private and has not disclosed her career or achievements to the public.

Nicole McClain’s Personal Life and Social Media

Nicole McClain’s personal life has been kept mostly private. She is not active on social media platforms, and her updates are not shared with the public.

Nicole McClain’s Net Worth

Nicole McClain’s net worth is not known publicly. She has not shared any information about her financial status or income sources.

Nicole McClain’s Love Life

Since her divorce from Brock Lesnar, Nicole McClain has not been publicly linked to any romantic relationships. She has kept her personal life private, and any information about her love life has not been disclosed to the public.

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  1. Nowadays more and more women are appearing on tv screens, including Nicole McClain. She became famous when she was a girlfriend of the ex-WWE star Brock Lesnar. This article gives us an insight into different aspects of her life, such as, her background, family and a relationship, upbringing, career and the net worth. With this in essence, let us dive into her detailed trip.

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