ICC Cricket World cup 2023 Revised Schedule Announced

The ICC has unveiled an updated itinerary for the upcoming ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. The prestigious ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup is now scheduled to take place in India, spanning from October 5 until November 19, 2023. This eagerly anticipated tournament is set to showcase the finest talents in the realm of cricket, captivating fans and enthusiasts worldwide.

The revised dates promise an extended period of exhilarating matches, where participating teams will compete fiercely for the coveted championship title. As the cricketing world eagerly awaits this grand event, all eyes will be on India as it prepares to host this monumental tournament, offering an unforgettable spectacle of skill, strategy, and sportsmanship on the cricket field.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Schedule

ICC has unveiled the official schedule for the highly anticipated ICC World Cup 2023. The forthcoming event, the 2023 ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup, is set to take place in India from October 5 until November 19, 2023. This cricket extravaganza is poised to host a total of 10 competing teams. Notably, India, being the host nation, has secured a direct berth in the tournament, alongside Afghanistan, Australia, England, Bangladesh, New Zealand, Pakistan, and South Africa.

These teams have earned their positions through commendable performances in the 2020-2023 ICC Cricket World Cup Super League. The remaining two slots will be decided as the ongoing World Cup Qualifiers unfold in Zimbabwe. Anticipation mounts as cricket aficionados eagerly await the pinnacle of sporting excellence, ready to witness intense battles and extraordinary displays of talent during this grand cricketing spectacle.

ICC Cricket World cup 2023 Revised Schedule Announced

ICC World Cup 2023 Revised Schedule: Live Updates

World Cup 2023 Schedule-Latest Updates

The rescheduling of the highly anticipated India versus Pakistan match, initially slated for October 15 in Ahmedabad during the ICC World Cup, stems primarily from the commencement of the Navratri festival. Recognizing the challenges posed to security arrangements on the original date, the ICC and BCCI collaborated with the PCB to seek adjustments for two of its group stage encounters, including the India-Pakistan clash.
In light of this, the monumental clash between the two cricketing giants could potentially be moved to October 14, providing a feasible solution that accommodates the cultural significance of Navratri while ensuring robust security measures.
The ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023, a cricketing spectacle, is set to unfurl on October 5 with the tournament opener at Ahmedabad’s Narendra Modi Stadium. The final showdown of this prestigious event has been designated to grace the same stadium, as announced by BCCI Secretary Jay Shah.
Concurrently, the cricketing action is also poised to unfold in Mumbai and Kolkata. The Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai is the chosen battleground for the first semi-final, while the second semi-final is slated for the Eden Gardens in Kolkata.
These changes and arrangements epitomize the intricate choreography involved in orchestrating a global cricketing spectacle, ensuring a harmonious blend of sport, tradition, security, and logistics.

ICC Cricket World Cup Schedule 2023- Tournament Venues

Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Dharamsala, Delhi, Chennai, Lucknow, Pune, Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Kolkata will all play host to the 2023 ICC World Cup. Along with Hyderabad, exhibition games will also be played in Guwahati and Thiruvananthapuram from September 29 to October 3. This extensive venue distribution reflects India’s fervor for cricket and the meticulous planning for this global event.

It assures an engaging experience as matches unfold in renowned cricketing locales. The inclusion of Guwahati and Thiruvananthapuram in warm-up matches emphasizes the event’s aim to involve regions beyond main hosts, promoting a nationwide celebration of the sport. These diverse venues epitomize the tournament’s goal to unite cricket fans, exhibit India’s cultural richness, and create an unforgettable World Cup spectacle.

Here’s a list of India’s tentative schedule for the World Cup 2023 Schedule

Anticipating a dynamic tournament arrangement, the stage is set for a round-robin symphony, where each team engages in a pas de deux of competition, encountering their peers in a single encounter. Amidst this orchestrated dance, the crème de la crème, the top four contenders, shall ascend to the semifinal arena, where the triumphs shall be decided. A grand tapestry of athletic prowess and strategy takes shape, culminating in a crescendo of supremacy in the final battleground.

India’s maiden appearance in the tournament unfurls with a clash against reigning champions Australia on the 8th of October, a theatrical overture resonating in Chennai’s amphitheater. Subsequent acts feature encounters with Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, New Zealand, England, a formidable Qualifier 2, South Africa, and a potent Qualifier 1. This epic saga culminates on the 19th of November, the grand finale poised to grace Ahmedabad’s illustrious Narendra Modi Stadium.

It’s paramount to recognize that the preliminary arrangement, like an artist’s sketch, may undergo transformation, with the ICC orchestrating the final symphony in closer proximity to the tournament’s debut. The cricketing connoisseurs eagerly await this thrilling spectacle, every heartbeat in harmony with the suspense, poised for the unveiling of heroic narratives on the global amphitheater.

ICC Cricket World cup 2023 Revised Schedule Announced

Date Opponent Venue
Oct 8 Australia Chennai
Oct 11 Afghanistan Delhi
Oct 14 Pakistan Ahmedabad
Oct 19 Bangladesh Pune
Oct 22 New Zealand Dharamsala
Oct 29 England Lucknow
Nov 2 Qualifier Mumbai
Nov 5 South Africa Kolkata
Nov 11 Qualifier Bengaluru

World Cup 2023 Schedule

Date Fixture Venue Time
October 5 England vs New Zealand Ahmedabad 2:00 PM
October 6 Pakistan vs Qualifier 1 Hyderabad 2:00 PM
October 7 Bangladesh vs Afghanistan Dharamsala 10:30 AM
October 7 South Africa vs Qualifier 2 Delhi 2:00 PM
October 8 India vs Australia Chennai 2:00 PM
October 9 New Zealand vs Qualifier 1 Hyderabad 2:00 PM
October 10 England vs Bangladesh Dharamsala 10:30 AM
October 10 Pakistan vs Sri Lanka Hyderabad 2:00 PM
October 11 India vs Afghanistan Delhi 2:00 PM
October 12 Pakistan vs Qualifier 2 Hyderabad 2:00 PM
October 12 Australia vs South Africa Lucknow 2:00 PM
October 13 New Zealand vs Bangladesh Chennai 2:00 PM
October 14 India vs Pakistan Ahmedabad 2:00 PM
October 15 England vs Afghanistan Delhi 2.00 PM
October 16 Australia vs Qualifier 2 Lucknow 2:00 PM
October 17 South Africa vs Qualifier 1 Dharamsala 2:00 PM
October 18 New Zealand vs Afghanistan Chennai 2:00 PM
October 19 India vs Bangladesh Pune 2:00 PM
October 20 Australia vs Pakistan Bengaluru 2:00 PM
October 21 England vs South Africa Mumbai 10:30 AM
October 21 Qualifier 1 vs Qualifier 2 Lucknow 2:00 PM
October 22 India vs New Zealand Dharamsala 2:00 PM
October 23 Pakistan vs Afghanistan Chennai 2:00 PM
October 24 South Africa vs Bangladesh Mumbai 2:00 PM
October 25 Australia vs Qualifier 1 Delhi 2:00 PM
October 26 England vs Qualifier 2 Bengaluru 2:00 PM
October 27 Pakistan vs South Africa Chennai 2:00 PM
October 28 Qualifier 1 vs Bangladesh Kolkata 10:30 AM
October 28 Australia vs New Zealand Dharamsala 2:00 PM
October 29 India vs England Lucknow 2:00 PM
October 30 Afghanistan vs Qualifier 2 Pune 2:00 PM
October 31 Pakistan vs Bangladesh Kolkata 2:00 PM
November 1 New Zealand vs South Africa Pune 2:00 PM
November 2 India vs Qualifier 2 Mumbai 2:00 PM
November 3 Qualifier 1 vs Afghanistan Lucknow 2:00 PM
November 4 England vs Australia Ahmedabad 10:30 AM
November 4 New Zealand vs Pakistan Bengaluru 2:00 PM
November 5 India vs South Africa Kolkata 2:00 PM
November 6 Bangladesh vs Qualifier 2 Delhi 2:00 PM
November 7 Australia vs Afghanistan Mumbai 2:00 PM
November 8 England vs Qualifier 1 Pune 2:00 PM
November 9 New Zealand vs Qualifier 2 Bengaluru 2:00 PM
November 10 South Africa vs Afghanistan Ahmedabad 2:00 PM
November 11 India vs Qualifier 1 Bengaluru 2:00 PM
November 11 Australia vs Bangladesh Pune 2:00 PM
November 12 England vs Pakistan Kolkata 10:30 AM
November 12 India v Netherlands Bengaluru 2:00 PM
November 15 Semifinal 1 Mumbai 2:00 PM
November 16 Semifinal 2 Kolkata 2:00 PM
November 19  Final Ahmedabad 2:00 PM

Past Cricket World Cup Winners Country Wise

The list of ODI Cricket World Cup winners from 1975—the inaugural World Cup—to 2023 is provided below:

ODI Cricket World Cup Winners List
Year Host Winner Runner-up Result
1975 England West Indies Australia West Indies won by 17 runs
1979 England West Indies England West Indies won by 92 runs
1983 England India West Indies India won by 43 runs
1987 India and Pakistan Australia England Australia won by 7 runs
1992 Australia and New Zealand Pakistan England Pakistan won by 22 runs
1996 Pakistan and India Sri Lanka Australia Sri Lanka won by 7 wickets
1999 England Australia Pakistan Australia won by 8 wickets
2003 South Africa Australia India Australia won by 125 runs
2007 West Indies Australia Sri Lanka Australia won by 53 runs
2011 India and Bangladesh India Sri Lanka India won by 6 wickets
2015 Australia and New Zealand Australia New Zealand Australia won by 7 wickets
2019 England and Wales England New Zealand The match tied after regular play and a super over; England won on a boundary count
2023 India

World Cup team’s announced

Australia squad:Sean Abbott, Ashton Agar, Alex Carey, Nathan Ellis, Cameron Green, Aaron Hardie, Josh Hazlewood, Travis Head, Josh Inglis, Mitchell Marsh, Glenn Maxwell, Tanveer Sangha, Steve Smith, Mitchell Starc, Marcus Stoinis, David Warner, and Adam Zampa make up the starting lineup for Pat Cummins (captain). (Three will be left out)

Afghanistan squad: Yet to be announced

Bangladesh squad: Yet to be announced

England squad: Yet to be announced

India squad: Yet to be announced

Netherlands squad: Yet to be announced

New Zealand squad: Yet to be announced

Pakistan squad: Yet to be announced

South Africa squad: Yet to be announced

Sri Lanka squad: Yet to be announced


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